Tanzania Roads Association (TARA) is a non-governmental organization which was established and registered in the United Republic of Tanzania in 1991 with the aim of promoting the development of a sound road transport network in Tanzania. 

TARA membership is open to public and private road oriented firms; transport operators and association; construction equipment manufacturers, suppliers and operators; Government and national institutions; professional institutions and trade associations; academic institutions; consultants and contractors; road safety bodies; oil companies; insurance companies; and any individuals with interest in roads and road transport. There are four classes of membership, namely Corporate, Professional, Ordinary and Honorary Members

Availability of national and international road networks that are properly and adequately maintained in order to provide safe, comfortable and reliable road transport systems.

To liaise with and influence the government and other stakeholders to plan and provide good roads and effective road transport system 

Strategies to achieve the Mission

  • Liaise with and influence government to plan, provide and maintain good roads and effective transport systems;
  • provision of education and training for road users in order to increase awareness of appropriate usage of roads;
  • participate in campaigns for good and safe roads;
  • encourage active private sector participation in the financing, development and operation of transportation modes;
  • hold meetings, seminars, conventions and exhibitions to discuss matters bearing on transportation generally and road transport in particular;
  • publish and disseminate information for educating the road users and the public at large on roads and road technology in Tanzania.