Event Date: 
December 13, 2021 to December 17, 2021
Arusha International Conference Centre (AICC), Arusha, Tanzania

The Tanzania Roads Association (TARA) which is also a National Committee of the World Road Association for Tanzania in collaboration with the Tanzania Transportation Technology Transfer (TanT2) Centre, and Tanzania National Roads Agency (TANROADS) under the Ministry of Works and Transport in Tanzania, Tanzania Rural and Urban Roads Agency (TARURA), the Roads Fund Board in Tanzania, the International Road Federation (IRF) Geneva, the African Road Maintenance Funds Association (ARMFA) and other local and international institutions, is organizing the Africa Regional Seminar and Workshop on Performance-Based Contracts (PBC) for Roads to be held at AICC, Arusha Tanzania from 13th -17th December 2021.

The primary objectives of the Africa Regional Seminar and Workshop on Performance-Based Contracts (PBC) for Roads are to raise awareness about the importance and benefits of performance-based contracts for roads, and facilitate the sharing of knowledge, practitioners’ experiences and best practices on “Application of Performance Based Contracts in the Road Sector”.

The Africa Regional Seminar on Performance-Based Contracts (PBC) for Roads to be held from 13th – 15th December 2021 at AICC, Arusha Tanzania is targeted at Senior Officials and Chief Executives of Road Agencies/ Departments and Road Funds, Contractors, Consultants, service providers, road sector policy and decision makers, development partners, road users, and other interested parties, while the Regional Workshop is targeted at junior and middle level managers from government road agencies, contractors, consultants, researchers and academics, students, and other interested parties.

A two-day Regional Workshop, whose objective is to provide practitioners responsible for managing and maintaining road networks with sufficiently detailed tools, examples and practical knowledge for successfully implementing performance based contacts for the roads for which they are responsible, will be held from 16th – 17th December 2021. Only those participants who will attend the Africa Regional Seminar on Performance-Based Contracts for Roads to be held at AICC, Arusha, Tanzania, from 13th – 15th, December 2021, will be allowed to participate in the Africa Regional Workshop on Performance-Based Contracts for Roads.

The method of delivering road maintenance has progressively evolved. Historically, road agencies have moved from using in-house force account to traditional method-based maintenance contracting. Many countries are now heading towards performance-based contracting (PBC), an approach that has been deployed rapidly in the road sector in the past decade. However, while PBC offers a number of benefits for road agencies and road users, it is a relatively new approach and there are several aspects that need careful consideration to ensure that the goals of PBCs are fully achieved.

Performance-based contracts (PBC) differ significantly from method-based contracts that have been traditionally used to maintain roads. PBC is a type of contract in which payments for the management and maintenance of road assets are explicitly linked to the contractor successfully meeting or exceeding certain clearly defined minimum performance indicators. Such contracts could potentially include management of infrastructures and activities such as road works, drainage system, pavements, traffic and roadside assets, bridges, tunnels, traffic services, and emergency response.

In traditional method-based contracts, the road agency as a client normally specifies techniques, technologies, materials and quantities of materials to be used, together with the time during which the maintenance works should be executed. The payment to the contractor is based on the amount of inputs (e.g., cubic meters of asphalt concrete, number of working hours).

In performance-based contracting the client does not specify any method or material requirements (provided the country’s standards are met). Instead the client specifies performance indicators that the contractor is required to meet when delivering maintenance services.

According to the World Bank Standard Procurement Document for Output- and Performance-Based Road Contracts (2021), under the performance-based approach, the services to be provided by the Contractor go much beyond the mere execution of pre-defined physical works. The Contract covers an array of activities needed to achieve and maintain a certain Service Level for road users, including the design, construction, operation and maintenance, as well as several activities related to the management (including periodic evaluation) of the road network under contract. It includes carrying out Rehabilitation Works, Improvement Works, as well as Emergency Works needed to reinstate the Roads after damage has occurred as a result of natural phenomena (such as strong storms, flooding and earthquakes).

The Africa Regional Seminar and Workshop on Performance-Based Contracts (PBC) for Roads will therefore provide stakeholders in the road sector with an excellent opportunity to share their expertise and experiences and to identify challenges and explore with colleagues innovative solutions for the benefit of all seminar and workshop participants. More details about the seminar and workshop are provided in the First Announcement of the Africa Regional Seminar and Workshop on Performance-Based Contracts (PBC) for Roads.

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