TARA membership is open to public and private road oriented firms; transport operators and association; construction equipment manufacturers, suppliers and operators; Government and national institutions; professional institutions and trade associations; academic institutions; consultants and contractors; road safety bodies; oil companies; insurance companies; and any individuals with interest in roads and road transport.

TARA have six categories  of members, namely Corporate members, Associate member, Professional members, Ordinary members, Honorary members and Temporary members who are admitted by the Management of TARA in accordance with Article 14 of the TARA Constitution.

Any individual, firm or institution desiring to become a member of TARA may send his/her/its application to the Honorary Secretary of TARA and upon acceptance by the Management; the applicant shall be admitted as a Member in the category applied for.

Benefits of TARA Membership

In accordance with the TARA Constitution, By-Laws and Resolutions of the Annual General Meeting, all TARA members have the right to:

  • Attend the Annual General Meeting and other meetings that may be called by TARA.
  • Request and obtain information within the reach of TARA on matters of its own concern.
  • Receive publications and other information that may be distributed by TARA.
  • Have access to such facilities as shall have been acquired by TARA.
  • Right to elect and to be elected.
  • Right to be given priority in carrying out consultancy contracts awarded by TARA subject to terms and conditions of TARA.
  • A priority to represent TARA in technical meetings and forums organized by other institutions.
  • A priority to participate in technical committees.
  • Be eligible for a 20% discount on registration fees for courses, seminars, workshops, conferences and other technical forums organized by TARA.

Membership Registration and Annual Subscription Fees

  • The membership applicants shall be required to pay an application fee as stipulated in the By-Laws. 
  • Each registered member shall be required to pay annual fees as stipulated in the By-Laws. 
  • The registration fees and annual fees shall be reviewed from time to time as indicated in the By-Laws. 

Members Obligations

Individual members, Premier members, Corporate members,Temporary members and student members shall in accordance with TARA Constitution, By-Laws and Resolution of General Meeting have the following obligations:

  • Settle their financial obligations, such as required fees as stipulated in the By- Laws, keeping in mind of the category of membership the member belongs to.
  • Provide information requested by TARA promptly.
  • Upon notice, to attend the AGM and other  meetings duly convened by TARA.
  • Undertake any assignments that may be assigned by TARA.
  • Cooperate with TARA, in fulfillment of its  generally.
  • Advise TARA on matters concerning road issues.