In accordance with the TARA Constitution, By-Laws and Resolutions of the Annual General Meeting, all TARA members have the right to:

  • Attend the Annual General Meeting and other meetings that may be called by TARA.
  • Request and obtain information within the reach of TARA on matters of its own concern.
  • Receive publications and other information that may be distributed by TARA.
  • Have access to such facilities as shall have been acquired by TARA.
  • Right to elect and to be elected.
  • Right to be given priority in carrying out consultancy contracts awarded by TARA subject to terms and conditions of TARA.
  • A priority to represent TARA in technical meetings and forums organized by other institutions.
  • A priority to participate in technical committees.
  • Be eligible for a 20% discount on registration fees for courses, seminars, workshops, conferences and other technical forums organized by TARA.